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Will You not Yourself revive us again,        

That Your people may rejoice in You?        

The Revival Institute

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The Revival Institute with Richard Owen Roberts & John Snyder

October 5-9, 2014

Christ Church—Radford

Most American Christians have never been part of a genuine, sweeping revival of true religion. Although the subject is wonderfully biblical and a frequent part of our own rich history, it has become a subject that the church and its people know less and less about experientially. Unfortunately, our tendency is to care little about things we have not experienced. Because revival deals with such vital issues as the manifest presence of God, the powerful free-flow of the Word of God, the righteous judgements of God Almighty on a fallen people, and the moral and spiritual tone of both church and nation, we must concern ourselves with this matter. The Institute is designed to provide intense biblical and historical knowledge of these mighty works of God and to cultivate a passionate hunger and thirst for the same.

At the heart of this Revival Institute is the conviction that revival is absolutely mandatory whenever backsliding occurs. It is absurd, however, to talk about the revival of that which has always been dead, for the dead can neither backslide nor be revived. It is only the True Believer and the True Church that can be revived. An apostate person and an apostate church can be awakened, convicted, and converted, but not revived. Thus our focus will be upon revival in the Church and awakening in the world (which most certainly includes both unregenerate church members and unholy churches).
Many very honest questions must be faced: Does God believe in Revival? Does the Bible really teach revival in the New Testament era? Do the times make revival either inappropriate or even impossible? Do you truly want revival? Do you want revival on God's terms or yours?

The afternoon sessions on Monday - Thursday will be led by John Snyder and will comprise of An Investigation into the Central Doctrines Preached During the Eighteenth-Century Evangelical Revival in the United Kingdom, with Application to our Own Day.


What is True Religion?
     Who is God?
     What is man?
     What is sin?
     What is salvation?


The Very Real Problem of Backsliding and its Relationship to Revival
     What it looks like - a Biblical picture
     How it must be faced
     Why it must be fled
     How it can be prevented

Afternoon: Understanding the Theological Context of the 18th c. Evangelical Revival
in England and Wales.


A Portrait of True Revival: The Appearance of the Genuine
     From the Word of God
     From the history of the Church
     The Problems of the Counterfeit
     The frequency of its appearance
     The necessity of discernment

Afternoon: Regeneration


What are the Great Obstacles to True Revival?
     In the Human Heart?
     In the Organized Church?
     In the Lives of its Leaders?
     In the Theology We Embrace?

Afternoon: Justification and Sanctification


Positioning Our Personal Lives and Our Churches for a Great Outpouring of the Holy Spirit
     Priorities we must set
     Positions we must take
     Practical issues we must resolve
     Profound things only God can do

Afternoon: Conversion and a Biblical Model for Evangelism 


Participants should read at least one of the following in preparation for the Institute:

     Edwards, Brian - "Revival: A People Saturated with God"
     Lloyd-Jones, D. Martyn - "Revival"
     Ministers of the Church of Scotland - "Lectures on Revival"
     Roberts, Richard Owen - "Revival"
     Sprague, William B. - "Lectures on Revival”


Sunday: 10am & 6:30pm

Monday - Thursday:

• 9:30 am Morning Session
• 12pm Lunch
• 1:30 pm Afternoon Session
• 5pm Dinner
• 6:30 pm Evening Session

Each participant will be responsible for their meals and lodging.

There are a number of nearby eateries and hotels.

A number of rooms have been secured for discounted rates at Best Western. You must mention "HeartCry" to get the discounted rate. The discounted rooms will be available for reservation until mid-September.

There is no cost for the Institute.

Participants are welcome to give in order to help offset expenses if they desire.

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